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Bears rookie Jaquan Brisker dominates Atlanta Falcons

Jaquan Brisker had one of his strongest performances on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons, amid what has been a truly dominant rookie season.

Brisker, chosen No. 48 overall by the Chicago Bears in the 2022 NFL Draft, played 23 snaps in coverage in Atlanta, while only allowing one reception. Overall, Brisker produced 11 total tackles, and forced one fumble against the Falcons.

So far this season, Brisker has already logged 73 total tackles with a team-high 3.0 sacks, and one interception.

During his time at Penn State, Brisker thrived up near the line of scrimmage as a box safety, as well as in deep coverage. Bears defensive coordinator Alan Williams, has used Brisker similarly thus far in his rookie season.


“We would like our front four to lead our team in sacks,” Williams told reporters recently, of Brisker leading the Bears in sacks. “It’s not happening right now, but we look for that to change as we go on. So you know what? To the credit of our guys, they’re upset about it that they’re not leading the group in sacks, but they’re still working their tails off, they’re still hustling, andー this is the type of team we haveー they’re excited for the guys that do have the sacks. It’s not a pissy attitude where, ‘hey, I’m looking at you sideways.’ Our team, they’re excited about that and that shows what kind of guys we have.”

The former Penn State Football standout safety has quickly developed into one of the Bears’ premier defenders.

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