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Penn State Football: What Went Wrong for Nick Singleton in 2023, Why 2024 Will be Different

Penn State Football running back Nicholas Singleton had a down year in 2023.

Singleton rushed for 752 yards on 4.4 yards per carry and eight touchdowns. In his freshman season in 2022, Singleton ran for 1,061 on 6.8 yards per carry.

Some people thought Singleton looked slower and less explosive in his sophomore season.

“I guess what I would say is,” Penn State head coach James Franklin told reporters, when asked about Singleton’s struggles. “To me, there is a lot more to playing well than just the runs and just the stats.

“So, for example, I think when we go back and grade Nick’s tape this year and compare it to last year, I think he’s going to grade out as well, if not better, in being a well-rounded football player.”

Singleton did catch 26 passes for 308 yards and two touchdowns; he caught 11 in 2022.

The running back only rushed for over 80 yards only twice during the 2023 campaign. Another reason for
Singleton’s struggles could have been the Nittany Lions‘ ability to stretch the field.

Penn State Football had a first-time starting quarterback in Drew Allar.

While Allar played well at times, his inexperience and the team’s adjustment to his style of play may have affected the Nittany Lions offense’s ability to get the ball down the field, and receivers struggled to get open.

Teams can focus on the rushing attack if receivers can’t get open and you can not stretch the field. That means you are going up against stacked boxes, and with the 2022 season, Singleton had teams that were keying on him.


How Nick Singleton Can Bounce Back for Penn State Football

Moving forward to this upcoming season, with new offensive coordinator Andy Kotelnicki, Singleton could be in store for an outstanding season.

Kotelnicki runs a multiple, pro-style offense that uses spread concepts. The new offensive coordinator likes to adapt his offenses to his player personnel.

Kansas had the eighth-rank rushing attack under Kotelnicki’s tutelage this past year. With better receivers and a new playcaller, Singleton should have a big season.

Kotelnicki will likely design plays to get Singleton in space and use him more in the passing attack.

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