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WATCH: Hilarious Way Aaron Rodgers Welcomed Sean Clifford to Green Bay Packers

There’s a pretty good chance that Sean Clifford’s ‘Welcome to the NFL’ moment came when he walked into the Green Bay Packers’ locker room and noticed he would be using Aaron Rodgers’ old locker, but the future Hall of Famer managed to also formally welcome Clifford to the league.

Thanks to a video clip from a mini-documentary by Fanatics, the world gets to see Rodgers officially welcoming Clifford to the NFL, after the former Penn State Football quarterback had been chosen in the fifth-round of the 2023 NFL Draft.



In the video, Clifford is one of the incoming NFL rookies shown rotating one-by-one sitting on a bench in an empty locker room, staring up at a video screen that ultimately flashes to a player that they have grown up watching.

“Welcome to Green Bay,” Rodgers says with a wry smile to Clifford. “How’s my locker, by the way?”

Rodgers, of course was traded to the New York Jets this offseason, and Clifford arrives in TitleTown as incumbent starter Jordan Love’s backup.

As Clifford settles into Rodgers’ old locker, he carries not only the weight of the position but also the honor of continuing the storied tradition of excellence established by his predecessor, while fighting for the security of winning Green Bay’s backup job.

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