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Should Penn State Football Make ‘Generations of Greatness’ Uniforms The Permanent Home Uniform?

Times are changing for Penn State Football, and the entire sport of college football.

With the transfer portal, NIL, conference realignment, college football looks much different than it did five or ten years ago and unrecognizable from decades ago.

With the changing tides of college football, is it time for Penn State Football to update one of the most classic uniforms in college football, the Nittany Lions‘ home “Basic Blues” with a refreshing modern take on the basic blues, the “Generations of Greatness” uniforms?


Back in 2017, Penn State announced the first use of the “Generations of Greatness” uniforms.

According to Penn State head coach James Franklin, the uniforms were a way to “honor and celebrate” the generations of greatness in tradition and history of Penn State.

While the “Generations of Greatness” uniforms are not modern in the sense that they are a callback to uniform elements over Penn State’s history, Franklin mentioned that the uniforms pull “elements from many different uniform design elements through the years.”

The changes may be subtle, but there are a number of very cool elements of the uniform design that are a refreshing take on Penn State’s tried and true traditional uniforms.

To start, the numbers on the helmets are one of the most noticeable elements of the uniforms, a callback to Penn State’s helmets from 1959 to 1961 and then again from 1967 to 1974. The most modern element of the uniforms is the change from the basic black cleats to a fresh modern white cleat.

The white cleats were worn in the 1979 Sugar Bowl by the Nittany Lions. The white cleats are always a hit for Penn State players each year as they are broken out with the “Generations of Greatness” uniform.

Since 2017, Penn State has selected one game per year to wear the “Generations of Greatness” uniform.

Yes, Penn State was built on the traditional unchanging uniform “Black Shoes, Basic Blues”, but times are changing.

Is it time for Penn State to move into modern times and make the “Generations of Greatness” uniform the Nittany Lions’ permanent home uniform?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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