AI Chatbot ChatGPT Writes Stunningly Accurate James Franklin Scouting Report

Penn State Football, James Franklin
Penn State Football head coach James Franklin(Photo by Randy Litzinger/Icon Sportswire)

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI and released to the public in November 2022, has taken over the world, becoming the fastest growing app of all time with over 100 million users as it helps users with tasks such as composing emails, essays, and code.

However, there may not be a better use of this extremely advanced artificial intelligence than scouting Penn State Football head coach James Franklin.

So what does artificial intelligence think about the Nittany Lions‘ head coach?

AI’s James Franklin Scouting Report

ChatGPT recognizes Franklin’s main strengths as program building, recruiting, player development, leadership and culture, and community engagement.

ChatGPT first points out that one of Franklin’s “greatest strengths is his ability to build and develop a football program”, taking over at Penn State in the middle of the NCAA sanctions and building the team to be consistently competitive in the Big Ten Conference.

Second, ChatGPT recognizes Franklin as an excellent recruiter, bringing talented classes and top-tier talent to Happy Valley during his tenure.

ChatGPT also points out that Franklin has a track record of developing plays to maximize their potential, as shown through Franklin’s “ability to help players grow and improve during their college careers” before going on to successful careers in the NFL.

Next, ChatGPT pointed out Franklin’s leadership and culture, with his “emphasis on building a positive team culture.”

According to ChatGPT, Franklin “places importance on character development, academic success, and community involvement alongside on-field performance, creating a “sense of unity and purpose within the [Penn State football] program.” Finally, ChatGPT points out that Franklin “has been active in engaging with the Penn State community and has been praised for his involvement beyond football” with a commitment to philanthropy and community service.


How Accurate was AI’s Assessment of James Franklin?

From everything Penn State Football fans have seen with James Franklin through his tenure since his hiring in 2014, ChatGPT is spot on with this self-scout.

Franklin has been a household name around Happy Valley for his work both on and off the field, both in culture building within the Penn State football program and his work in the Penn State and State College community.

Now, with arguably his most talented roster, will this be the year that Franklin guides his team to the program’s first College Football Playoff appearance?

James Franklin
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