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KeAndre Lambert Smith’s Impact in Recruiting Elite Wide Receivers to Penn State Football

Penn State Football has been on a recruiting trail tear at wide receiver, and head coach James Franklin owes a tip of the cap to one of his current stars at the position for the program’s recent run of success.

KeAndre Lambert-Smith has not only impressed on the field, but has also played a crucial role in recruiting top-tier wide receiver prospects to join the program.

Through his passion for the team and vision for the future, Lambert-Smith has actively engaged with potential recruits, emphasizing the potential of Penn State’s receiver room and its ability to rival powerhouse programs like Ohio State.

“I didn’t really pay attention to [receiver recruits who were visiting],” Lambert-Smith said, via On3. “I’m not going to lie. But last week, I hosted, and I think I’m hosting again this weekend. And, I do realize how important it is.

“Because, those are the same young guys that you want to carry on the legacy that you leave in the room. And, I’m starting to realize that I want the Penn State receiver room to be a dynasty. And, I know it don’t happen off of one year or two years.”


It is obvious that Lambert-Smith’s goal is to build a lasting legacy, aiming to establish a dynasty in the Penn State receiver room.

Inspiring Commitments and Building a Penn State Football Powerhouse

Lambert-Smith’s influence in recruiting is evident as he encourages recently committed receiver Tyseer Denmark and other young prospects to join Penn State Football.

He emphasizes the talent and potential that exists within the program, aiming to elevate Penn State’s status among the nation’s football powerhouses.

“We just got a commit [Tyseer Denmark], and I’m telling him like, ‘Yo we need you in the room, we need all the young guys, you need to try to get [others], just so;” Lambert-Smith said. “I want Penn State to be looked at as [Ohio State] and all of that, like, man we got guys, we got talent here just like they do everywhere else in the country.”

By fostering a sense of unity and showcasing the caliber of talent at Penn State, Lambert Smith envisions a receiver room that rivals any in the country.


KeAndre Lambert-Smith’s impact extends far beyond his on-field contributions.

Last season, Lambert-Smith 24 passes for 389 yards with a career-high 4 touchdowns, and he’ll look to take on expanded role in 2023 following Parker Washington’s departure to the NFL Draft.

As a key member of Penn State Football, he has embraced the responsibility of recruiting top receiver talents to join the program. By showcasing the potential of Penn State’s receiver room and highlighting the caliber of talent already present, Lambert-Smith aims to elevate the program’s status and establish a dynasty.

His passion, leadership, and commitment to the future success of Penn State Football serve as an inspiration to both current and prospective recruits.

With Lambert-Smith’s involvement, Penn State’s receiver room is poised to become a force to be reckoned with, rivaling the best in the nation.

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