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Odafe Oweh: Turning Setbacks into Success for 2023 Season

In the aftermath of a challenging 2022 season, Odafe Oweh, the talented Baltimore Ravens defensive standout has emerged with a steadfast determination to bounce back in 2023.

It would be easy for Oweh to wipe the slate clean, after producing only 3.0 sacks and 39 total pressures last fall, after bursting onto the scene with a dominant rookie campaign that saw him log 5.0 sacks and 50 pressures.

But, that isn’t the former Nittany Lions‘ star’s style.

No, I never forget. I don’t forget,” Oweh said, via the Ravens’ official website. “I use it as kind of motivation. I didn’t really take a lot of offseason. I went straight to the gym, just trying to get strong because I know there’s no real offseason.

“As a competitor, you remember things that you’ve got to work on; you remember the things you missed on, so you can bounce back for the next year.”

There is a lot that goes into a dip in production. Teams can get a year’s worth of tape on a rookie pass-rusher, exploit his tendencies, and sometimes edge rushers just don’t get home.


But, Oweh says there have been a lot of things he’s reflected on and tried to improve this offseason.

“A lot of times I would get off the block, but I was kind of off balance, so when I got to the QB, I wasn’t taking a straight-line shot,” Oweh explained. “Then also up-field shoulder; there were a lot of times where I missed because of the up-field shoulder, too. [It’s] little things like that.”

Entering his third year, since being chosen in the first-round of the 2021 NFL Draft, out of Penn State, he views this upcoming season as as an opportunity to build upon his previous accomplishments and showcase a broader repertoire of skills.

“I feel like Year 3, it’s a year where you had a good year the first year, second year, guys know who you are…but Year 3, ‘Alright, you know some of my moves, but now I’ve got more moves for you,'” Oweh said. “Year 3 is a year where you probably tie it all in together.”

As Oweh prepares to step onto the field for the 2023 campaign, through hard work, self-reflection, and a burning desire to succeed, he is poised to bounce back and make a lasting impression on the football world.

With each setback serving as fuel for his fire, Odafe Oweh is ready to seize the opportunity to redefine himself and leave a lasting mark on the field during the 2023 season.

Odafe Oweh
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