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How Penn State Football Led Mike Gesicki to Sign With New England Patriots

In a move that promises to revive his career, tight end Mike Gesicki signed a one-year contract with the New England Patriots earlier this spring.

Gesicki’s decision carries extra significance as it reunites him with former mentor Bill O’Brien, who recruited him to play for Penn State Football.

“That relationship, from when he recruited me way back when I was in high school, kind of picking back up where we left off, but it’s awesome,” Gesicki told reporters. “He’s awesome, a cool dude. Really excited to get to gel with him, getting his offense and getting to work.”

While Gesicki never played a down in the Blue and White with O’Brien as head coach, he understands the opportunity in front of him this upcoming season.

“OB has a great system,” Gesicki added. “And I think it’s exciting to just kind of get in the meeting rooms and kind of hear that things are rolling. It’s very basic right now but it’s exciting to be watching some tape of how it’s been run and things like that. So I think it’s gonna be exciting, but right now it’s still very, very basic.”

“There’s obviously going to be similarities and everybody kind of has their nuances of how they run it and all that kind of stuff. But there are definitely some similarities with their ties here, and all that kind of stuff. So there is some [benefit] in terms of just kind of picking it back up.”

With a disappointing 2022 season behind him, Gesicki sees this as an opportunity for redemption and a fresh start in New England.


Mike Gesicki Rekindling a Relationship

Gesicki expressed his excitement about reconnecting with Bill O’Brien, emphasizing their long-standing relationship that dates back to his high school days.

Gesicki finds comfort in familiarizing himself with the foundation. Drawing on his experience with former Dolphins and Patriots coach Chad O’Shea, Gesicki mentioned the value of recognizing similarities and adapting to the nuances of the system. With this background, he aims to pick up where he left off and contribute effectively to the Patriots’ offense.

Mike Gesicki Has A Chance for Redemption

Gesicki’s decision to sign with the Patriots is also fueled by his determination to bounce back from a disappointing 2022 season.

The tight end experienced a decline in his production as the Miami Dolphins targeted him only 50 times, resulting in 32 receptions for 362 yards and 5 touchdowns. This marked a significant drop-off from his impressive 2021 campaign.

Arriving at Patriots Place presents Gesicki with an opportunity to prove his worth, showcase his skills, and reclaim his status as a reliable playmaker.

Mike Gesicki’s signing with the New England Patriots not only reunites him with Bill O’Brien but also provides him with a chance to resurrect his career after a lackluster 2022 season.

With O’Brien’s guidance and a system that holds promise, Gesicki is determined to make the most of this opportunity.


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