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Penn State Basketball: When Will Bryce Jordan Center Start Selling Beer?

First step, a Penn State Basketball victory to open the season, over Winthrop. Second step, a cold beer to celebrate?

The Bryce Jordan Center hosted the Nittany Lions‘ season opener Monday night, a 93-68 win over Winthrop, but could the real winner be the basketball fans in attendance.

As beer sales have finally begun across the street at Beaver Stadium, it seems the Bryce Jordan Center is close to following suit.

Guests on opening night could see a variety of delicious frosty cans in the coolers at a variety of concession stands.

However, none were available for purchase.

Upon asking for further clarification, Nittany Central was told they are only selling for conference games.

Given the Big Ten moved to two conference games in December before schools finish the rest of the non-conference slate, does that mean the Bryce Jordan will sell beer for that one home conference game in December, them go back to not selling until the rest of the conference games begin?

Time will tell but for those who want to enjoy an ice cold Miller Lite, Yuengling, New Trail or local Axemann and Ottos beer while enjoying a Nittany Lion basketball game, it’s right around the corner.

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