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Does Penn State Football Play Today? Nittany Lions Have Major Championship Saturday Rooting Interest

Penn State Football, unfortunately, does not play Saturday. However, there still should be a high interest in watching some games this afternoon. 

The Nittany Lions have much at stake in the outcomes of the games on Championship Saturday, as James Franklin’s program seeks a second consecutive New Year’s Six Bowl berth.

Personally, championship Saturday is always what it’s about, in my opinion.

Today will be the last time these games will matter at their peak because of the 12-team playoff that comes next season. That change should benefit Penn State significantly. 

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Now, for all you snowbirds and fans just wanting a reason to travel to Florida, there is a scenario where Penn State Football can return to the Orange Bowl.

But, I’m not sure if you’ll like it.

Ohio State has to advance to the College Football Playoff.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: why would we ever want that? Penn State has not been to the Orange Bowl in almost 20 years.

If Ohio State doesn’t make the playoffs, Penn State will most likely end up in the Peach or Sugar Bowl.

I want to see an ACC standoff with the Nittany Lions, and the warm weather would be nice too.

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Penn State Football

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