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Penn State Football Outclassed on Offense as Michigan Dominates 24-15 | 3 Key Takeaways

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Talk about a game. It’s one thing to go to a Michigan game at Beaver Stadium. It’s another when the head coach gets suspended the day before the fireworks begin.

Turns out, for Michigan, it didn’t matter that Jim Harbaugh was looking on from the team hotel as the Wolverines outclassed Penn State Football, especially on offense.

In a game that was close through three quarters, Michigan emerges with 24-15 signature victory.

There’s a lot to takeaway from today’s game, but there are three things that should be discussed.

Drew Allar

Drew Allar just doesn’t look ready to take the next leap into becoming the next great Penn State quarterback.

There was one play in the third quarter where, if Allar had held onto the ball a second longer, a touchdown could’ve been scored.

Whether you blame the play calling, the coaching, etc., it doesn’t excuse the poor performance of such a high-caliber quarterback coming out of high school.

James Franklin

Another huge matchup comes and goes, and as time goes on, Franklin continues to lose against his top ten opponents.

This was the game to show everyone that Penn State was ready to take that next leap.

At home, Jim Harbaugh gets suspended the day before the big game. The whole thing came out extremely flat, especially the offense.

I don’t know what has to happen for PSU to become that team, but one thing is for sure: change is needed somewhere.


To have your head coach suspended the day before a game at Beaver Stadium and come out victorious should be a reason to maybe extend Michigan’s ranking to No. 1.

The playcalling was an absolute masterclass as Corum ran wild against the PSU defense. I will credit where credit is due, and for the Michigan offense and defense to give such a dominant performance under the conditions they were in speaks volumes to the Michigan culture.

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