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Penn State Wrestling 2023-2024 Schedule

There are few certainties.

Death, taxes, and the New York Jets’ entire season going down the toilet after only four plays.

Well, we can now add another item to this list: Cue the meme of a skeleton sitting on a park bench holding a newspaper waiting on Penn State Wrestling to release it’s schedule, each year.

But fret not Nittany Lion fans, because I scoured the interwebs and searched 80 other teams schedules to come up with Penn State‘s 2023-2024 wrestling schedule. And here it is!

Penn State Wrestling 2023-2024 Schedule

Schedule (non-conference)

December 3rd: Lehigh @ Penn State TBD
December 10th: Hofstra @ Penn State 1pm
January 5th: Penn State @ Oregon State TBD
February 25th: Edinboro @ Penn State 1pm

Schedule (B1G)

January 14th: Indiana @ Penn State
January 19th: Penn State @ Michigan
January 21st: Penn State @ Michigan State
January 28th: Penn State @ Maryland
February 2nd: Ohio State @ Penn State
February 9th: Penn State @ Iowa
February 12th: Rutgers @ Penn State
February 18th: Nebraska @ Penn State


2024 Big Ten Championships

March 9th & 10th: Big Ten Championships (College Park, Maryland)

2024 NCAA Championships

March 21st – 23rd: NCAA Championships (Kansas City, Missouri)


November 12th: Journeymen Collegiate Classic (NC State, Arizona State, Cornell, Lehigh, Penn, Purdue, Army, Lock Haven, and more)
November 19th: Black Knight Invite @ Army
November 21st: NWCA All-Star Classic
January 1st & 2nd: Southern Scuffle

Obviously there are going to be several questions left to be answered. The first question is “Which dual meet is going to be in the Bryce Jordan Center”?

The next question is whether or not any of the above teams can knock off the two-time defending national champions.

But I think I know what the answer to that question is …

Penn State Wrestling
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