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Penn State Wrestling: Nittany Lions Dominate the Mat at 2023 Journeymen Collegiate Classic

Penn State Wrestling officially kicked off the 2023-2024 season as they traveled to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, to take part in the 2023 Journeymen Collegiate Classic.

And let’s just say it wasn’t very pretty for the other teams and their wrestlers.

All in all the Nittany Lions sent a total of 20 grapplers (including eight of their starters) to the Freedom High School gymnasium. Penn State wrestlers went a combined 45-15 and crowned 11 pool winners as they bullied their way through most of the groups and pools.

We even got to see a couple of finals matches which pitted Nittany Lion teammates against one another.


Penn State Wrestling pool winners:

Braedan Davis 125C
Beau Bartlett 141A
Shayne Van Ness 149A
Levi Haines 157A
Mitchell Mesenbrink 165B
Terrell Barraclough 165D
Carter Starocci 174A
Josh Barr 184C
Bernie Truax 184A
Aaron Brooks 197B
Greg Kerkvliet 285A

So now onto the action!

2023 Journeyman Collegiate Classic Results

Robert Howard 125B Pool A

W – fall over Ashton Jackson (Purdue) 4:45
L – 3-13 major dec. against Dylan Ryder (Hofstra)
L – 5-8 dec. against Max Gallagher (Penn)

Gary Steen 125C Pool A

W – 16-1 tech. fall over Noah Tonsor (Army)
W – 17-2 tech. fall over Bronson Garber (Bloomsburg)
L – 3-11 major dec. against Braedan Davis (PSU)

Braedan Davis 125C Pool B

W – 15-0 tech. fall over Ariel Waldman (LIU)
W – 20-5 tech. fall over Eric Howe (F&M)
W – 11-3 major dec. over Gary Steen (PSU)

Baylor Shunk 133B Pool A

L – 1-3 dec. against Jake Straud (Army)
L – 8-16 major dec. against Jameson Garcia (Harvard)
L – 7-9 dec. against Daniel Uhorchuck (Army)

Sean Wang 133E Pool B

L – fall against Daniel Miranda (ASU) 0:55
L – 1-8 dec. against Conor Collins (Army)
W – 16-7 major dec. over Colt Schrader (Army)

Beau Bartlett 141A Pool A

W – fall over Dante Frinzi (Harvard) 1:29
W – 4-1 SV dec. over No. 13 Vince Cornella (Cornell)
W – 15-3 major dec. over No. 12 Malyke Hines (Lehigh)

David Evans 141A Pool B

W – 4-1 SV dec. over No. 6 CJ Composto (Penn)
L – 4-6 dec. against No. 12 Malyke Hines (Lehigh)
W – medical forfeit over No. 13 Vince Cornella (Cornell)

Shayne Van Ness 149A Pool A

W – fall over Eddie Hummel (Army) 2:06
W – fall over Cade Balestrini (Bloomsburg) 2:58
W – fall over Kelvin Griffin (Lehigh) 1:30

Connor Pierce 149B Pool A

W – 13-3 major dec. over Own Reinsel (Lehigh)
L – 2-8 dec. against Ethan Fernandez (Cornell)
W – 8-1 dec. over Cole Handlovic (Cornell)

Levi Haines 157A Pool A

W – 18-0 tech. fall over Luca Frinzi (Lehigh)
W – fall over Cael Berg (Harvard) 4:22
W – 10-2 major dec. over No. 27 Max Brignola (Lehigh)

Mitchell Mesenbrink 165B Pool A

W – 14-10 dec. over Nicco Ruiz (ASU)
W – 19-3 tech. fall over Eric Shindel (Hofstra)
W – 20-5 tech. fall over Connor Noehre (Purdue)

Terrell Barraclough 165D Pool A

W – 9-0 major dec. over Kaya Sement (Penn)
W – 5-0 dec. over Cole Spencer (Penn)
W – 4-0 dec. over Matt Lee (PSU)

Matt Lee 165D Pool B

W – 16-4 major dec. over James Johnston (LIU)
W – fall over Nicholas Franzen (Sacred Heart) 4:19
L – 0-4 dec. against Terrell Barraclough (PSU)

Carter Starocci 174A Pool A

W – medical forfeit over Max Wilner (ASU)
W – fall over Luke Rada (Harvard) 2:15
W – 21-5 tech. fall over No. 14 Nick Incontrera (Penn)

Aurelius Dunbar 174C Pool B

L – 0-8 major dec. against Benny Baker (Cornell)
W – 7-3 dec. over Lance Urbas (Penn)
L – 1-4 dec. against Blake Bahna (LIU)

Bernie Truax 184A Pool A

W – 7-4 dec. over No. 33 James Rowley (Purdue)
W – 17-4 major dec. over Cael Valencia (ASU)
W – 13-4 major dec. over James Conway (F&M)

Donovon Ball 184B Pool B

L – 0-2 dec. against Caden Rogers (Lehigh)
W – default over Brock Delsignore (NC State)
L – 1-5 dec. against Tony Negron (ASU)

Josh Barr 184C Pool A

W – 24-9 tech. fall over Jake Stefanowicz (Penn)
W – 13-5 major dec. over Anthony D’Alesio (LIU)
W – 15-4 major dec. over Jack Wilt (Lehigh)

Aaron Brooks 197B Pool A

W – fall over Jacob Meissner (ASU) 4:43
W – 19-3 tech. fall over John Crawford (F&M)
W – fall over Martin Cosgrove (Penn) 2:33

Greg Kerkvliet 285A Pool A

W – 17-1 tech. fall over Tristan Ruhlman (Purdue)
W – 6-1 dec. over No. 19 Nathan Taylor (Lehigh)
W – 7-2 dec. over Owen Trephan (NC State)

Next up, the Nittany Lions hit the road again as they take part in the 2023 Black Knight Invite on November 19th.

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