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Trio of Penn State Football Stars Shine in PFF Top-50 Rankings

Three exceptional players have been listed among the nation’s best in PFF’s College 50 rankings in a remarkable achievement for Penn State Football.

Kalen King, Olu Fashanu, and Chop Robinson, each standing out in their respective positions, have cemented their places in the top 20. Let’s dive into the outstanding performances that have earned them this well-deserved recognition.



Kalen King, the talented cornerback for Penn State, has been turning heads with his exceptional play on the field.

Ranked No. 11 in PFF’s College 50, King’s impact on the game is undeniable.

Equipped with incredible agility and coverage skills, he forced 16 incompletions, tying him for fourth among all college football cornerbacks.

King’s ability to disrupt passing plays has made him a formidable force in the Nittany Lions defensive secondary unit.

At offensive tackle, Olu Fashanu has solidified himself as one of the most promising prospects in college football.

Ranked 14th in PFF’s College 50, Fashanu has been a leader on and off the field. Giving the Lions one more run and returning to Happy Valley, he showcased remarkable technique and strength, protecting the pocket for his team.

Penn State fans should love that Olu came back. He had not allowed a single sack on 281 snaps. With such noteworthy talent, Fashanu’s future as a top-ten draft pick seems bright.

Finally, Chop Robinson, the sophomore sensation, has significantly impacted Penn State’s defense.

In the other part of the 4:44 duo (King & Chop),  Chop Ranked 19th in PFF’s College 50. Last season, he displayed a level of dominance rarely seen by a player his age. His outstanding performance has made him boldly proclaim himself the best edge rusher in college football.

Penn State Football has every reason to celebrate as three-star players Kalen King, Olu Fashanu, and Chop Robinson have earned well-deserved recognition in PFF’s College 50 rankings.

As these remarkable talents continue to excel, their impact on the Nittany Lions’ success will be pivotal. Penn State’s future looks bright with these three studs leading the way and leaving a lasting mark on college football.


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