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5 Beers Penn State Football Should Sell At Beaver Stadium

The Penn State Football experience is about to change dramatically, as beer sales on game day are coming to Beaver Stadium.

There’s nothing quite like sipping an ice cold brew, watching the Nittany Lions on a crisp fall Saturday in Happy Valley, and given the news that Penn State Football fans will soon be able to enjoy their favorite beer inside the stadium, we have recommendations.

Here are the five beers we believe must be on tap at Beaver Stadium on Penn State Football Saturdays

Yuengling – (PA Brewed)

Targeted towards sports lovers, Yuengling is the oldest operating brewing company in America,
established in 1829, and its flagship is it is a 4% low-calorie lager.

Personally symbolic to my heart, it was the first
beer I had ever tried. It would be fantastic for a continued buzz from the tailgate lots to the stadium.

Just a few Yuengling Lagers and Nick Singleton running for two touchdowns … nothing better.

Not to mention, it’s a Pennsylvania beer.


Angry Orchard

A seasonal drink perfect for fall weather, Angry Orchard belongs in beaver stadium.

This might be a fan favorite for Penn State girls, while the men will be seen hiding them under a coat.

I know for me personally I prefer a nice standard Bud light, Corona light, or Coors light. They have an ABV of 5% with a very sweet flavor.

The truth is Beaver Stadium would a zillion dollars selling

Blue Stripe – Axemann Brewery

Located in downtown state college, it would only be right for Beaver stadium to support local business.

It is their flagship beer that is brightly colored with a Kolsch style brew.

Advertised as “excellent for gameday drinking,” it’s another lower end 5% ABV.

More importantly, the can is designed to represent the Nittany lions’ football helmet. I mean c’mon, that’s just great marketing!

Bud Light

It’s easy, it’s light, and it’s blue.

Bud Light has sponsorship and advertising campaigns
everywhere, so don’t be surprised if a Nittany lions can comes to beaver stadium sometime soon.

A ridiculously easy beverage, and just a step above Michelob ultra-calorie wise.

You might as well put these in the locker room too, tailgater or NCAA athlete, perfect for either.

I couldn’t see a scenario were Beaver Stadium wouldn’t be selling a classic light beer like Bud.

Cloud Walker Hazy IPA- Victory Brewing Company

Another Pennsylvania brewery, Victory has locations all over Downingtown and Center City, Philadelphia .

It would have to travel quite a bit to Beaver Stadium, but that would certainly give everyone a chance to taste a great
Hazy IPA.

It has tropical and fruity elements with an ABV of 6.8%, so this one’s for my mid-tier IPA enthusiasts.

Not everyone loves light beer, in fact some crazy people like to drink 7 to 8 of these every gameday.

I personally like to start out with only a couple before transitioning to the lighter stuff.

Always remember, Penn State Football fans; “On victory you deserve beer, in defeat, you need it”

Penn State Football
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