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5 Penn State Football Thoughts for Upcoming 2023 Season

As the 2023 college football season approaches, Penn State Football has legitimate championship aspirations.

Head coach James Franklin finds himself equipped with all the necessary tools to propel his team to success. With a formidable running back duo, a potential Heisman Trophy contender, an emerging defensive star, and the return of a key figure, the Nittany Lions have an exciting array of assets at their disposal.

5 thoughts on Penn State Football for the 2023 season

1. James Franklin’s Arsenal: The Time for Victory

After years of meticulous recruitment and development, Franklin now boasts a roster brimming with talent and depth.

With a wealth of experience and a well-rounded team, Franklin is pressured to deliver results.

Penn State has to make the playoff this year or next. If they don’t, Franklin should be on the list for possible coaches to be on the move.

Nittany Lions faithful fans eagerly anticipate a season where their team can contend for the conference title and beyond.


2. Running Back Dominance: Penn State’s Dynamic Duo

Penn State Football possesses the most formidable running back duo in the nation heading into the 2023 season.

Nicholas Singleton and Kaytron Allen might be better than the Saquon and Miles Sanders days. Singleton was named Big Ten Freshmen of the Year, and Allen was on several All-American teams. This duo can do wonders for the team and Drew Allar.

3. Drew Allar: A Heisman Trophy Hopeful

True freshman quarterback Drew Allar has already generated considerable buzz within the college football landscape.

Allar possesses all the attributes necessary to contend for the prestigious Heisman Trophy. Penn State Football finally has an offensive line that can go head-to-head with other powerhouses.

Penn State also added some fantastic help for Allar through NIL.

If Allar can start the year strong and Penn State can be in contention to make the playoff, look out!


4. Abdul Carter: The Next Defensive Star

While the departure of standout linebacker Micah Parsons created a void on Penn State’s defense, Abdul Carter has emerged as a player poised to fill those shoes.

They don’t call it Linebacker University for nothing.

With his ability to wreak havoc in opposing backfields, Carter has the potential to surpass even the lofty expectations set by his predecessor.

5. The Return of Manny Diaz: A Game-Changing Addition

The return of Manny Diaz to the Penn State coaching staff is an underrated development with far-reaching implications.

Diaz, who previously served as Penn State’s defensive coordinator, brings a wealth of experience and strategic insight to the team. His return will undoubtedly impact the Nittany Lions’ defensive prowess, significantly boosting an already talented unit.

Penn State fans eagerly await the start of the season, which kicks off next Saturday against West Virginia.

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