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MUST SEE: Penn State Football QB Drew Allar Extends Generous Gift to Offensive Line

Penn State Football sophomore quarterback Drew Allar has not even been named the starter yet, but he’s already showing plenty of leadership qualities.

On Tuesday night, the former 5-star recruit posted a picture on X/Twitter with the entire offensive line group, including walk-ons.

In the post, Allar explained that he partnered with Bose to gift each of his offensive linemen a pair of headphones.

Big shout out to @Bose for helping me hook up the OLine up with headphones! Appreciate all the hard work these guys have put in throughout the offseason and fall camp so far! #WeAre

— Drew Allar (@AllarDrew) August 16, 2023

Quarterbacks buying gifts for offensive linemen is nothing new in the NFL.

It’s almost become a tradition for the quarterback to show his gratitude for the guys that keep him up right. This usually happens around the holiday season in November or December, around the holidays.

Of course, this was not possible at the college level because it would be quite difficult for a college student to afford so many expensive gifts, and if they could afford it, well, a few eyebrows would be raised.

Thanks to NIL though, this may start to become a tradition in college like it is the NFL.


As for Allar, the fact he’s doing this before the season shows a lot about his leadership qualities. He understands that he’s the new guy in a sense and needs to earn the trust and respect of his offensive line, especially considering the starting group is an extremely experienced bunch.

Allar is currently battling with fellow second-year quarterback Beau Pribula for the starting job.

The expectation is that Allar will win the battle relatively soon. Allar will need to show his on-field qualities in order to win the job, but he also needs to be just as good off the field, and he showed that on Tuesday night.

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